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Quelle has been successfully operating in the Russian market for many years through mail order catalogues and e-commerce. 

When choosing a new ERP system, the company’s goal was to produce financial and tax statements that complied with the Russian accounting standards, while simultaneously producing IFRS compliant financial reports. 

Quelle’s mail order service found the answer with 1C:Enterprise 8 Manufacturing Enterprise Management, choosing First Bit as its preferred implementation partner. 

Together we achieved the following results:

  • Automatic recording of all business transactions in the company’s internationally registered accounts;
  • Full customization that took account of one-to-one relationships between the parent company and its affiliated contractors;
  • Inclusion of intangible asset amortization in IFRS accounting;
  • Automated calculation of advertising expenditure to meet the requirements of the parent company;
  • Financial responsibility center expenses accounting;
  • Financial and Management reports compliant with the standards of the parent company;
  • Export financial reporting data compliant with the consolidation system of the parent company.