How to comply with Russian trade law? Automation of business processes in e-commerce at Aliexpress

AliExpress is a global marketplace for goods from China. It is one of the Top 50 most visited websites in the world. The audience in Russia is about 22 million people a month.

AliExpress is one of the largest companies in online trading in Russia. In the first half of 2017, Russia became the third largest consumer, so the Russian market is the number one priority of business development of AliExpress.

The Federal law about online cash receipts has changed the retail rules. All companies that sell goods or services are required to use special cash register equipment with a fiscal storage device that supports sending sales data to the tax authority.

This law also applies to online stores, so AliExpress faced the task to align business processes to the new Russian legislation, implementing software products and integrating them with the ERP system used in the company's head office.

The following factors caused to choose the contractor:

  • The First Bit has extensive experience in implementing complex projects in foreign companies. 
  • Willingness to work closely with the English-speaking AliExpress team and complete the project in a short time. 
  • Deep expertise in the field of trade automation. 
  • Extensive integration experience.

The specialists of the First Bit examined the tasks of AliExpress and offered to implement the 1C:Retail and integrate it with the AliExpress ERP system.

The implementation of the retail project allowed to study the structure of the AliExpress ERP system, learn its technical features, develop the most effective integration scheme with the equipment and build the IT architecture of the future solution.

By the end of the retail project, AliExpress with the ATOL Online service were integrated, which became the first product on the market in the class of "cash for rent" solutions.

After the retail project was completed, the specialists started the main project, in which it was necessary to develop and implement a methodology to meet the requirements of the Federal law in AliExpress.

Four stages were distinguished in the project:

  1. Getting data from the enterprise software; 
  2. Uploading data into 1C:Retail; 
  3. Transfer of information to the ATOL Online service and tracking of this process; 
  4. Sending the status of the exchange back to the chinese enterprise software.

These stages were completed in three months, after which First BIT conducted test integration and then the new system went live.


The uniqueness of this project is not only about the fact that First Bit has become a pioneer in aligning foreign online business in accordance to Federal law, but the ever-changing formats of fiscal documents, deadlines of the project, and a fully English-speaking customer.


At the moment, the 1C:Retail is integrated with the chinese enterprise software, processes the entire flow of sales receipts from the russian legal entity.

Cash documents are sent to ATOL Online and then transferred to the tax authority. This allows AliExpress to comply with the russian legislation and legally conduct business on the territory of our country, delighting its consumers with a large range of products at favorable prices.

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