All business processes sorted out in a unified accounting system in international company Artsana

ARTSANA specializes in baby goods, goods for older children, the company produces textile clothing, strollers, car seats, safety products. It distributes products of the Chicco, Artsana and Prenatal brands in Italy and abroad. Today, it has more than 7,400 employees in more than 23 countries.

First Bit has completed the implementation project of 1C software products: Accounting and Trade Management in the Russian ARTSANA division.

ARTSANA RUS LLC is a division of the Italian corporation ARTSANA S. p. A., which was established in 2011. During evolving and company growth, the problem about the need to create a joint accounting system to optimize accounting, operational and warehouse management, since the functionality of the legacy software was insufficient.

1C software products were selected to solve these problems. The implementation partner was the First Bit company, which has a successful experience in providing automation services for corporate companies.

The result of 1C:Trade Management implementation is the time reduction of data processing. With the new system managers can serve more customers. 

At the moment, ARTSANA RUS LLC continues to cooperate with First Bit to integrate with the logistics system of the 3PL provider (Kuehne + Nagel).

"The expectations from the implementation were fulfilled in full. All the necessary accounting sections were automated. In addition, we have received a tool for automating such processes as cash management, warehouse logistics management, and preparation of necessary management reports. The work with the "First BIT" company was very successful. All the planned tasks were done in respect to time, budget and quality. We thank the team and personally the project manager Alexander Denisov for their professionalism and look forward for cooperation."
Viktor Markov,
CEO of the company Artsana Rus

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