1C: Accounting 8

Complex automation of accounting and financial reporting
"1C:Accounting 8" is a flexible solution for automation of managerial and tax accounting as well as for regulated reporting. The program was developed in according to Russian legislation and provides the user with a set of standard reports based on the specific features and functions of the enterprise; includes regulated reports and supports their formation and delivery in printed or electronic forms.

For more than 10 years, we have been engaged in the automation of foreign companies based on 1C and yet developing an accounting software for any needs of our clients, our main authority to help foreign companies in Russia enter the market easily and manage different forms of accounting in the system.

In addition to the "1C:Accounting 8", we can also offer you integration with your corporate system and the ability to maintain parallel accounting under RAS and IFRS.

“1C:Accounting 8” allows to perform the following types of accounting:

  • Accounting of goods, materials and finished products;
  • Accounting of commodity items in a warehouse (quantity or quantity-sum accounting);
  • Accounting of manufacturing and trade operations (accounting of receipt and realization operations, with formation of invoices payment, bills of lading, vouchers; accounting of all the operations in terms of contracts with customers and suppliers, reflection of the returns of goods from a customer to a supplier etc.);
  • Accounting of settlements with contractors (in terms of contractors, contracts, settlement documents, supporting the automatic setoff of advance payments, possibility to account for settlements with suppliers and customers in different currencies and standard units, automatic calculation of exchange rate differences for each operation etc.);
  • Accounting of bank and cash operations;
  • Accounting of fixed assets and intangible assets (with automation of principal accounting operations for: receipt, acceptance for accounting, calculation of depreciation, modernization, inventory taking, writing off etc.);
  • Accounting of commission trade;
  • Accounting of agency services (from the part of an agent and from the part of a principal);
  • Accounting of principal and additional production, accounting of half-finished products;
  • Accounting of indirect costs (not directly connected with the principal activities of the organization);
  • VAT accounting etc.

The configuration allows to perform accounting for several organizations, using the same information base, with the possibility for a separate formation of accounting reports; to perform accounting for separate sub-divisions; to exchange data between remote workplaces; it allows users from all the divisions and sub-divisions of an organization to work simultaneously etc.

10 incontestable advantages of “1C:Accounting 8”

  1. Rapid and accurate filling in of documents and formation of reports;
  2. Possibility to control different aspects of the company’s activities with automation of the most typical and routine operations;
  3. Transparency, comparability;
  4. Flexibility, convenient navigation; visualization, easy adjustment of the appearance;
  5. Easy correction of errors in documents;
  6. Adjustment according the individual preferences of users;
  7. Possibility to perform accounting for different accounting schemes;
  8. Convenient interface (both for the “novices” and experienced users), increasing the speed and effectiveness of the functioning of an accounting department;
  9. Ease of use, possibility of remote work, possibility of autonomous work. Popup tips.
  10. Built-in user support etc.

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Customer Reviews

“The installed system meets the requirements of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation. Based on the results of the implementation, we plan to automate all areas of the inpatient department.
Vitaly Kutkova
Head of IT Department, Moscow Research Institute of State Security Helmholtz
“The expectations from the implementation were fully justified. All the necessary areas of accounting were automated. In addition, we received a tool to automate such processes as cash management, warehouse logistics management, and preparation of the necessary management reporting. "
Victor Markov
General Director of Artsana Rus LLC
“The project was useful and important for order and sales management and inventory control. In addition, we can analyze sales throughout Russia. "
Albert Liu
Deputy General Director of TP-LINK