Implementation of a BI System

Irreplaceable tools for business management and decision-making
A BI system (Business Intelligence) is an irreplaceable tool for business management and decision-making.

Five principal functions of a BI system

The system is able to connect to various, often unstructured, sources (1C, NAV, Axapta, SAP, Oracle, already created storages, XLS documents, sites etc.), extracting and consolidating data from them.
The system regularly pulls in new data from the sources, insuring efficient making of management decisions. Promptness of gathering the current data is a key to leadership in a competition struggle.
A BI-system is an application, consisting of different dashboards, management panels, tables and various charts, that a business-user works with.
A Business Intelligence system is able to process huge data files in few seconds.
The application is available on mobile devices in any part of the world which makes it possible to manage business «here and now».

QlikView BI platform is an invariable leader among the systems of this segment. The distinctive features of the platform is that it is highly functional and easy to use.

QlikView — is a Business Intelligence system, that allows users without any special technical skills to form reports and analyze information on the company’s activities on their own.

Who needs a BI system?

There are vast and numerous areas where you can use QlikView. The key users may be the company’s management, the directors, the heads of the divisions and departments or any other users faced with the necessity to analyze data and make decisions.

Project management, development in QlikView      
Project management, development
  • Analysis of a product portfolio
  • Product / project management
  • Control over the systems’ working capacity
  • Reports on the service quality
  • Infrastructure planning

Company management in QlikView Company management
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Productivity management
  • Forecast analysis
  • Analysis of alternative options
  • Function-cost analysis

Finances and HR management in QlikView Finances and HR management
  • Consolidated financial accounting
  • Detailed analysis of profits and losses
  • Risk management & Stability analysis
  • Analysis of personnel information

Sales, marketing and service in QlikView Sales, marketing and service
  • Sales analysis
  • Clients’ analysis
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the campaigns
  • Production profitability

Manufacturing analytics in QlikView Manufacturing
  • Calendar planning
  • Production management
  • Quality management
  • Six Sigma / Process analysis
  • Analysis of equipment maintenance

Supply chains in QlikView Supply chains
  • Demand analysis
  • Supply analysis
  • The contractors’ time keeping
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Logistics & Analysis of orders’ fulfillment

Where does QlikView get data from?

QlikView BI platform doesn’t change the IT-systems existing in your company, but connects to them and gathers data necessary for analysis.

QlikView can connect to any system like ERP, CRM, WMS-, HRM- and POS-system, XLS or a self-made solution.

Easy to use

Unlike accounting systems and even ordinary Excel, QlikView is very easy to use. The interface is intuitive, and user training on how to work with the platform takes only several minutes.

QlikView is convenient to use on a computer as well as on a mobile device: by touching the necessary data on a chart, a user immediately gets the detailed information and answers to his questions.

Implementation of QlikView system

First Bit Company has been QlikTech (Qlik)’s partner since 2011 and enjoys the status of an elite partner. The company has implemented tens of project in all kinds of business spheres.

77% of the projects are completed within 3 months, and 44% of them are completed within 1 month.

First Bit Company has developed typical industry-specific solutions, the implementation of which is performed in a very short time:

  • БИТ.BI.Sales for analyzing sales
  • БИТ.BI.eCommerce for analyzing the effectiveness of a web-site
  • БИТ.BI.FinExpert for analyzing investment projects
  • БИТ.BI.GosZakaz for choosing and analyzing tenders
  • БИТ.BI.CallCenter for analyzing and optimizing a call-center’s functioning

Couldn’t find a ready-made solution?

You may request a pilot project.

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You will be able to see the effectiveness of our team’s work and unlimited capabilities of a QlikView system.

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Customer Reviews

“The project was useful and important for order and sales management and inventory control. In addition, we can analyze sales throughout Russia. "
Albert Liu
Deputy General Director of TP-LINK
“The expectations from the implementation were fully justified. All the necessary areas of accounting were automated. In addition, we received a tool to automate such processes as cash management, warehouse logistics management, and preparation of the necessary management reporting. "
Victor Markov
General Director of Artsana Rus LLC
“The installed system meets the requirements of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation. Based on the results of the implementation, we plan to automate all areas of the inpatient department.
Vitaly Kutkova
Head of IT Department, Moscow Research Institute of State Security Helmholtz