Business Discovery platform
Business Intelligence is a key to understanding your own business. QlikView makes the task of business analysis as easy as possible. It allows to visualize information and interact with it in any way that seems convenient. QlikView BI system works with the resources you already have without changing them, but just taking the information necessary for the analysis.

Data consolidation

QlikView consolidates data from any information sources of your company:

  • any 1С configuration,
  • Microsoft NAV (Navision),
  • Ax (Axapta),
  • SAP,
  • Oracle,

  • MS SQL,
  • MySQL,
  • Excel,
  • XML,
  • other sources of information.

Collect information from all the corners of your company into QlikView and analyze it.

First BIT Company has developed a special 1C- QlikView connector, that facilitates the data upload from any configuration on «1C: Enterprise 8» platform to QlikView.


One of the strongest points of QlikView is broad visualization capabilities. You can build complex charts for large amount of data in several seconds. By a click of a mouse you can change the visual representation, add new parameters and dimensions, while analyzing information on such level and in such representation that you need in QlikView.

With the help of QlikView you will see your data in a totally new way.

QlikView – is a Business Intelligence system, that allows users without any special technical skills to form reports and analyze information on the company’s activities on their own.

Associative model

QlikView works according to the principles of association, that makes it possible to work with data in an arbitrary manner, provides new unexpected ideas for business, and also contributes to better understanding of data.

This software product gives insight, which data are connected and in what way, and which data are not connected at all. It allows to rapidly select the necessary information. You can decide yourself, which contour you want to see on the chart, and your QlikView solution will adapt in a split second.

Always at hand. Always available

QlikView provides access to analytical information through popular mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. This means unprecedented freedom to perform interactive data analysis at any time anywhere. This means opportunity to analyze trends and model forecasts far from your office. Evaluate this opportunity during negotiations or on the road.

Analyze! Create! Share!

QlikView supports collaborative sessions! Analyze information while posting comments under charts in the app. Participate in joint sessions while analyzing information together with remote sub-divisions. Create your own dashboards and charts and share them with your colleagues.

QlikView is also available through your browser. Form a link, send it via e-mail to your colleague, and in a few seconds he will be able to work with you even through an ordinary web-browser.

In-Memory Technology in QlikView

The basis of QlikView’s speed work is In-Memory technology, when the processing of information takes place in operative memory. In-Memory is a new generation technology. Slow searching based on the requests from BI-instruments is becoming a thing of the past. Due to this new technology, QlikView is a leader and makes it possible to get real time information necessary for business.

Everyone needs QlikView BI system!

There are vast and numerous areas where you can use QlikView. The key indicators may be the company’s management, the directors, the heads of the divisions and departments, analysts or any other users faced with the necessity to analyze data and make decisions. QlikView will facilitate working with data for any user, itwill eliminate the chance of mistake and make the process of decision-making much faster.

Project management in QlikView
  • Analysis of a product portfolio
  • Product / project management
  • Control over the systems’ working capacity
  • Reports on the service quality
  • Infrastructure planning

Company management with QlikView

Company management with QlikView
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Productivity management
  • Forecast analysis
  • Analysis of alternative options
  • Function cost analysis

Finances and HR management in QlikView

Finances and HR management in QlikView
  • Consolidated financial accounting
  • Detailed analysis of profits and losses
  • Risk management & stability analysis
  • Analysis of personnel information

Sales, marketing and service in QlikView

Sales, marketing and service in QlikView
  • Sales analysis
  • Clients’ analysis
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the campaigns
  • Production profitability
  • Plan-fact analysis

Manufacturing with QlikView

Manufacturing with QlikView
  • Calendar planning
  • Production management
  • Quality management
  • Six Sigma / Process analysis
  • Analysis of equipment maintenance

Optimization of supply chain with QlikView

Optimization of supply chain with QlikView
  • Demand analysis
  • Supply analysis
  • The contractors’ time keeping
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Logistics & Analysis of orders’ fulfillment

Report Constructor in QlikView

Report Constructor in QlikView
  • Substantially decreases the dependence of business-analysts from IT-department
  • Possibility to change the type of the report “right here right now”
  • The constructor makes it possible to make your own reports represented in tables and charts

Our clients choose QlikView. More than 80 projects in 9 years!

QlikView in numbers

  • 32 000+ clients and 570 000+ end users
  • 1100+ partners in 100+ countries of the world
  • 96% client satisfaction
  • 186% payback

  • 23% increase in money flow
  • 16% increase in income
  • 22% decrease in transaction costs
  • 34% growth of employees’ productivity
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Customer Reviews

“The project was useful and important for order and sales management and inventory control. In addition, we can analyze sales throughout Russia. "
Albert Liu
Deputy General Director of TP-LINK
"We needed a convenient tool for generating and submitting reports in accordance with PCG and French standards. We wanted to get a unified system that would automate new accounting and transport data to the corporate ERP system. BIT.FINANCE has done an excellent job with the tasks."
Anna Belousova
chief accountant of LLC "Innotek"
“The expectations from the implementation were fully justified. All the necessary areas of accounting were automated. In addition, we received a tool to automate such processes as cash management, warehouse logistics management, and preparation of the necessary management reporting. "
Victor Markov
General Director of Artsana Rus LLC