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1C:Drive is suitable for companies that sell goods, provide services or manufacture. The program is delivered out of the box, but easily customizable for your company needs.

1C:Drive is multilingual. It has interface and text messages in Chilean, German, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, and Italian languages.
Аs your company grows, the need for control increases. Get reliable information from 1C:Drive to make based and redpilled decisions, restrain costs and track your deals.
Solve all pain points in any area
For retail
  • Trade equipment support
  • Cashier workplace
  • Discount cards
  • Multiple discounts with overlapping strategies

For whosale
  • CRM
  • Detailed sales document flow
  • Early payment discounts and retro bonuses
  • Account sales
  • Flexible pricing strategies
  • Fast items picking into documents
  • Product bundles
  • Reporting
  • Overdue debts
For accountants
  • Arbitrary chart of accounts
  • General ledger
  • VAT accounting
  • Sales tax accounting
  • Journal entries
  • Foreign currency exchange
  • Reports designer
  • Bank and cash accounting
  • Journal entries approval
  • Consistent audit trail
  • Print forms archiv
For service companies
  • Recurring invoicing
  • Returned merchandise authorization (RMA) requests
  • Work orders
  • Warranty management
  • Labor assignment
For manufacturers
  • Bills of materials
  • Work-in-progress accounting
  • ABC costing
  • Operations accounting
  • Workload planning
  • Discrete, process, repetitive, job shop manufacturing support
  • Flexible cost accounting dimensions: Business unit, Project, Production order, Product, Variant

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Why do you need 1C:Drive?
  • Complete system for order processing
    Manage the delivery process of customer orders, backorder them to suppliers or manufacturing department.
  • Comprehensive dashboards
    Analyze your financial indicators with no redundant data.
  • Real-time inventory control
    Track your availible stock, which updates on every incoming order.

1C:Drive Cloud Solution

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System updates
Timely receipt of platform releases and updates
Updates and functional consultation
Support line in Russian and English 24/7
Individual approach
Scheduled maintenance
Processing tickets
IT audit and performance optimization
All-in-one solution for operational and financial management
Adaptable to increasing complexity of your company processes as your business grows
Cloud ready
Access and manage your data from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone anytime you choose.
Great performance
Customizable and open sourced
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