Software product for accounting automation and report formation according to IFRS
BIT.FINANCE.IFRS — is a full-function software product for accounting automation and report formation according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

The system is designed for:

  • building IFRS accounting on a separate chart of accounts;
  • organization of multicurrency accounting;
  • automated formation of accounting entries according to IFRS on the basis of mapping;
  • organization of parallel accounting for a range of segments (fixed assets, intangible assets, financial leases, financial instruments etc.);
  • forming reports on comparing RAS (Russain Accounting Standards) and IFRS data;
  • formation of the whole IFRS reports package.

Report formation according to IFRS

Report formation according to IFRS

Tasks that you can solve with BIT.FINANCE.IFRS

  • Maintaining both regulated financial and tax accounting records as well as IFRS records in a single base;
  • Forming accounting entries according to IFRS chart of accounts online while entering source documents;
  • Performing parallel accounting of fixed assets according to IFRS: permanent assets, intangible assets, financial leases, investment property, fixed assets for sale);
  • Performing parallel accounting of financial instruments according to IFRS;
  • Calculating deferred taxes according to IFRS by a balance method;
  • Fast close according to IFRS;
  • Calculation of income and expenses according to IFRS, that are not reflected in RAS due to the different representation rules (Accruals);
  • Reports formation on comparing RAS and IFRS data;
  • Report formation in any foreign currency and in any language;
  • Formation of the whole IFRS reports package.

The results of the implementation

  • Reduction of time needed for preparation of IFRS accounting reports;
  • Automated IFRS accounting system;
  • Decreased labor costs of report formation;
  • High accuracy of data due to the decrease in the number of errors;
  • High detalization of data.


  • 1C:Accounting PROF,
  • 1C:Accounting CORP,
  • 1C:Complex automation,
  • 1C:Manufacturing enterprise management (1C:ERP),
  • 1C:ERP 2

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Customer Reviews

“The project was useful and important for order and sales management and inventory control. In addition, we can analyze sales throughout Russia. "
Albert Liu
Deputy General Director of TP-LINK
“Thanks to the implementation of a specialized system, we managed to increase the transparency and reliability of data, simplify accounting and improve the quality of financial management in general. We are satisfied with the functionality and quality of the "BIT.FINANCE Management Accounting" program and look forward to further fruitful cooperation. "
Oleg Vladimirovich Nesmashny
General Director of OOO "Container-Monolit"
“The installed system meets the requirements of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation. Based on the results of the implementation, we plan to automate all areas of the inpatient department.
Vitaly Kutkova
Head of IT Department, Moscow Research Institute of State Security Helmholtz