Development and implementation of a complex system for trade automation in a teleshop

“Shopping Live” is one of the biggest players of the Russian teleshopping market. Thousands of customers from all the parts of our country shop there on the daily basis. The teleshop has more than 100 000 goods in its assortment in different product categories. Apart from that, “Shopping Live” has an online shop, where the customers can buy all the products from the TV broadcast.

The company is actively developing, which results into both the enhancement of the assortment offered to customers and the increase in the customer base and the number of suppliers.

To optimize the operational activities, decrease the time spent on processing orders and other trade operations, to increase the efficiency of management accounting and also assortment and supply management, to speed up the documentation processes, “Shopping Live” made the decision, that the development, implementation and further integration of a specialized IT-system into the Company’s infrastructure was necessary.

A new solution was meant to consolidate large amounts of data (procurements, suppliers, goods, prime costs, supplies, documentation etc.) and to automate the principal Company’s business-processes.

As a partner for a system’s design, development, implementation and integration “Shopping Live” chose First BIT’s International Department, whose specialist have great experience in the field of trade automation, including cooperation with «Ernst & Young» company, who acted as a methodologist of a software product and an author of the design, testing scenarios and user training for the personnel.

The specialists of First BIT and Ernst & Young suggested using “1C:Trade management” software product as a basis of the developed system, as this 1C solution automates all the necessary business-processes (working with suppliers, assortment and contract management, tracking the movement of assortment items, allocation of costs etc.) and is also integrated with other informational systems, used in “Shopping Live”.

The project had 5 principal stages:

  1. At the first stage the functional and the technical design of the future system were developed.
  2. At the second stage First BIT’s specialists developed the program’s functionality. “1C:Trade management 8” IT-solution was taken as a basis.
  3. At the third stage the component and integration testing were realized to check the interworking between the various components of the system. As a result, the errors were corrected.
  4. At the fourth stage a range of user trainings and seminars was held for the employees of “Shopping Live”.
  5. At the final stage there was realized functional testing of the working capacity of the whole system after the development had been finished. In the end the system was launched into industrial operation.

The distinctive feature of the project was the close collaboration between 3 teams:

  1. First BIT’s team,
  2. A team of methodologists,
  3. The Client’s team.

As a result of the project a new complex system was developed on the basis of “1C:Trade management 8”, and it became a center for consolidation of various data in the company.

The system is designed for the automation of:

  • Assortment management,
  • Cooperation with suppliers,
  • Supplies budgeting,
  • Supply chain management, including the logistics module,
  • Accounting and allocation of transport and procurement expenses,
  • Collection of factual data on sales,
  • Tracking of the movements of goods (including internal movement),
  • Negotiation of internal and external documentation,
  • Collection of analytical data (orders, payments, returns).

At the moment, a total of more than 300 users are working with the new system, that the Client called SPECTR. The system reflects all the processes vitally important for the company, from procurement and supplies and sales to the coordination of the employees’ leaves and business trips.

SPECTR System was successfully integrated with other IT-solutions:

  • Bitrix,
  • WMS-system Arvato,
  • Manufacturing system Mercator,
  • BI-system DWH;

  • 1C:Document Management 8,
  • 1С:Salary and personnel management,
  • 1C:Accounting.

Integration with “1C:Document Management 8” has allowed to automate business-processes related to negotiation, storage of electronic versions and search for the location of the contracts and other documents.

As a result of using SPECTR system the Client managed to:

  • Get a convenient mechanism of entering the data on goods into the system,
  • Optimize the relationships with the suppliers,
  • Increase the accuracy and the efficiency of the control over the movement of goods,
  • Get a convenient mechanism for calculating the sales profitability,
  • Increase the work efficiency due to the integration of various data into a single system (orders, status of working with suppliers, profitability, prime costs, returns, order cancellation etc.),
  • Get instruments for illustrative and prompt analytics.

The exploitation of SPECTR IT-system allows “Shopping Live” to maintain the consistently high sales, and their maximum indicators were 4-5 times higher than before the project. Apart from that, with the help of the new system the company managed to set up the processes of presenting the detailed management accounting records for the company’s management.

At the moment, First BIT provides technical maintenance services (according to SLA) for «Shopping Live», there was also realized a project on the implementation of a system for preparation of IFRS accounting reports (BIT.FINANCE.IFRS), and in the future the company is planning to realize several projects in the field of budgeting automation and the warehouse of samples of “Shopping Live”.

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