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We are ready to solve and help you find out the following issues:

Management CRM Implementation Advertising
  • How to analyze the sales funnel
  • How to calculate the effectiveness of managers
  • How to build an effective motivation system
  • What sales skills need to be developed

  • How to integrate CRM into the existing 1C system
  • How to avoid human factor risks
  • How to avoid unnecessary costs for project implementation
  • How can I transfer historical data

  • How many clients will event bring
  • How many sales will advertising bring
  • Which ad channel works best
Sales Marketing
Active sales
  • Why do customers leave
  • Why are there few new orders
  • Where are the qualitative problems
  • How to increase sales

  • How to reduce the term of the order
  • How to get new customers
  • How to sell through the online store
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing

Active sales
  • How to organize the work of the call-center
  • How to link 1C CRM and telephony
  • How many calls and meetings should and can the manager do
  • How to evaluate the efficiency and conversion of a manager

What kind of help do we offer you?

  • We will analyze and identify problems in the organization and management of the sales process
  • We will choose the right software product
  • We will form an optimal implementation plan and calculate the time and cost of the project

If you decide that it's time to take proactive measures and increase the efficiency of your company, we will become your reliable automation partner and after the conclusion of the contract:

  1. We will create a mock-up of your information system
  2. We will develop a plan for data exchange with existing 1C products
  3. We will organize the transfer of data from other systems
  4. We will carry out the experimental operation and will test and perform the system improvement*
  5. We will teach your employees to work in the program
  6. We will help you in further work and providing user support

* The system will be put into pilot operation, when you will be completely satisfied with its functionality.

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Our clients

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Japanese corporation. The world's largest manufacturer of all kinds of musical instruments.


Leading tobacco company in South Korea and fifth in the world.

Nautilus Hyosung

One of the world's leading manufacturers of ATMs and other equipment for banks. In Russia the company is represented by Hyosung Rus LLC.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Italian-American automobile manufacturer, the world's seventh largest manufacturer of cars.

Papa John's

American pizza chain. It has been operating in Russia and CIS since 2003 and has 193 restaurants.


American manufacturer and distributor of essential oils. More than 5 million consumers worldwide.


The global marketplace for the sale of goods from China. Ranked in the Top 50 most visited sites in the world. The audience in Russia — about 22 million people a month.


The main specialization of the company is data storage and processing, telecommunication services and cloud solutions

Shopping Live

German teleshopping company. The teleshop has more than 100 000 goods in its assortment and broadcasts a shopping program 24/7


HEINEKEN Russia — is the Russian branch of Heineken N.V. international holding — the leading international brewery company with branch offices in 71 countries.


A French pharmaceutical company, engaged in modern developments in the sphere of treatment of the majority of the widespread diseases.

Keysight Technologies

A major supplier of radio equipment, oscillographs, equipment for general use, solutions for engineering and modelling.


Japanese general trading company. A chain of stores, numbering more than 500 tire centers throughout the world. This chain is an official partner of the world’s largest tire manufacturers.


A global provider of SOHO&SMB networking products and the World’s No.1 provider of WLAN and Broadband CPE devices, with products available in over 120 countries.


Containex-Monolit has been manufacturing containers for more than 30 years. The company has become one of the largest producers in Europe and Russia.


‘’Just in a half a year, we’ve got the first results. The processes, that used to take up to several weeks, take several hours now. I can absolutely say that the project lives up to HEINEKEN Company’s expectations, and the investments were the right thing to do’’.
Alexander Kondrashev,
Project Manager, HEINEKEN Russia
“In the course of the project there has been shown high professionally in solving methodological, IT and management tasks of our Group of companies.”
A. Ryumin,
Deputy Financial Director, “RKS Development”
“Implementation of BIT.FINANCE.IFRS has allowed us to improve accuracy and transparency of financial reports and operations, release the employees of the financial department from manual work. All the necessary functionality was implemented with the minimum amount of modifications, which decreases the costs of owing and maintening the product.”
V. Burmistrov,
Head of Business-Processes Control Group, Shopping Live

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