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Budgeting Automation

Managing the achievement of financial objectives

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The analysis of the company’s financial indicators is an important element of the company management. Do not wait for the appearance of actual data – manage it.

Managers often see budgeting as a means to control funds or expenses. In fact, budgeting is a powerful tool for managing an organization.

Budgeting helps to achieve the following objectives:

  • To coordinate the activities of all the company’s subdivisions due to the calculation and monitoring of achievement of interrelated financial indicators with determining the KPI of each employee separately.
  • To delegate the responsibility to the managers, which allows to reduce the burden lying on the TOP-management.
  • To determine the contribution of each subdivision into the achievement of the company’s financial result.
  • To optimally distribute the company’s resources according to the strategic aims, i.e. to make its activities effective and rational.
  • To manage the company’s activities on a daily basis, in real time – till the appearance of the final results.

The effect of the proper use of budgeting often exceeds the expectation. The practice shows, that after the successful implementation of a budgeting system the enterprise substantially increases its profitability, financial stability and competitive ability, and the existence of personal responsibility of the company’s management leads to the appearance of the financial discipline.

The secrets of successful use of a budgeting system

  • At the implementation stage
    • Unification of normative-reference information in the Management accounting policy of the enterprise.
    • Development of a detailed financial budgeting model.
    • Choosing a software product, that will be suitable for solving both the current and the perspective tasks, taking into account the minimal consumption of time and resources.
    • Mindful and active participation of the managers of all levels in the project of developing a model and implementation of a software solution.
  • At the exploitation stage
    • To develop and to strictly require from al the managers the compliance with the regulations regarding the budget planning.
    • To make the motivation system and the attestation of the heads of the subdivisions dependent on the results of the budget implementation.
    • To promptly uncover the departures from the plan, to make adjustments and to apply management pressure.

Useful advice

  1. While choosing software we recommend that you look through several products, which will allow you to pick the software most suitable for the enterprise’s specific needs and the objectives that are to be achieved. The choice of software should be made with the help of a consultant with good knowledge of software products and the specifics of their application.
  2. A budgeting financial model is necessary for the correct adjustment of the software product. It should be developed with the help of the consultant, that has experience in developing methodological models and good knowledge of the software product.
  3. Budgeting regulations are necessary for the successful implementation of the automated system. This document will give the participants of the budgeting process the idea of the budgeting model and also their role and responsibility in this process.

Budgeting with BIT.FINANCE: effective fight against needless expenses

First Bit Company offers a range of BIT.FINANCE products for automation of budgeting and management accounting in a company. The implementation of these products ensures:

  • setting up management accounting adapted for the enterprise’s needs from scratch (this is the basis for the further implementation of budgeting);
  • administration, control of the current state and the implementation of the budgets of different levels in the company;
  • conducting plan-factor analysis according to certain budget items;
  • detailed examinations of the sources of expenses, search for reserves for their minimization;
  • convenient interface, possibility of graph and table representation of data and creation of analytical panels of indicators for each manager individually.

To learn more about the interface and functionality of BIT.Finance system, we are ready to offer you its demo-version.

Should you have any questions about the system’s functioning or the questions of methodological character – do not hesitate to contact us! Highly qualified and experiences specialists of First Bit's International Department are always ready to give you comprehensive answers to all your questions!

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Japanese corporation. The world's largest manufacturer of all kinds of musical instruments.


Leading tobacco company in South Korea and fifth in the world.

Nautilus Hyosung

One of the world's leading manufacturers of ATMs and other equipment for banks. In Russia the company is represented by Hyosung Rus LLC.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Italian-American automobile manufacturer, the world's seventh largest manufacturer of cars.

Papa John's

American pizza chain. It has been operating in Russia and CIS since 2003 and has 193 restaurants.


American manufacturer and distributor of essential oils. More than 5 million consumers worldwide.


The global marketplace for the sale of goods from China. Ranked in the Top 50 most visited sites in the world. The audience in Russia — about 22 million people a month.


The main specialization of the company is data storage and processing, telecommunication services and cloud solutions

Shopping Live

German teleshopping company. The teleshop has more than 100 000 goods in its assortment and broadcasts a shopping program 24/7


HEINEKEN Russia — is the Russian branch of Heineken N.V. international holding — the leading international brewery company with branch offices in 71 countries.


A French pharmaceutical company, engaged in modern developments in the sphere of treatment of the majority of the widespread diseases.

Keysight Technologies

A major supplier of radio equipment, oscillographs, equipment for general use, solutions for engineering and modelling.


Japanese general trading company. A chain of stores, numbering more than 500 tire centers throughout the world. This chain is an official partner of the world’s largest tire manufacturers.


A global provider of SOHO&SMB networking products and the World’s No.1 provider of WLAN and Broadband CPE devices, with products available in over 120 countries.


Containex-Monolit has been manufacturing containers for more than 30 years. The company has become one of the largest producers in Europe and Russia.


“We chose 1C:Enterprise 8 platform because we had already worked with its previous version, and it was very important for us that the product was widely used. While choosing a partner, we took into account his experience in implementation of similar projects for foreign companies. That is why we chose First Bit”.
Mauro Roncoroni,
coordinator of IT-projects in Artsana S.p.A. in Eastern Europe and in the West
"During 2 years of coopertation, First BIT Company has proved to be a reliable partner and a professional team. We thank First BIT Company for its efficiency and high-quality fulfillment of tasks".
Uchikura Masakazu,
CEO of Kyocera Document Solution Russia
"We got aquainted with the system and we have understood, that this is exactly what we need, QlikView allows to get information from any accounting systems, it can combine and differentiate data, represent it in diagrams, graphs and ready-made reports, which is very convenient".
Mehmet Bodur,
Product Director, Tommy Hilfiger Europe B.V.

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