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Integration with 1C

Integration of 1C with SAP, Oracle, Axapta, Navision and other corporate systems

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1C:Enterprise 8 is an open system. It provides the ability to integrate with any external hardware and software on the basis of generally accepted open standards and protocols.

The target direction to integrate 1C with other systems

  • Companies that use accounting systems other than 1C, but 1C is used as a system for preparing regulated reporting.
  • Companies that have non-standard 1C systems, the exchange of data between which is not possible by standard means.
  • Companies that receive, transfer data to other systems that do not belong to the company (for example, 3PL providers).
  • In the case where there is a need for duplication of data to comply with the law on the protection of personal data (for example, the database 1C is used only as a personal data storage system, and the data itself is duplicated in the main accounting system not in the territory of the Russian Federation).

Ways of integration

Ways of 1C integration

File mode of 1C

  • It is easy for a small number of users (up to 5)
  • Easy installation and operation of the system.
  • Does not require additional software to work with the operating system and base 1C:Enterprise 8.
  • Easy back-ups creation by copying information database file.

Client-server mode of 1C

  • Load distribution between servers.
  • Data protection from failures of client computers and local network.
  • Suitable for large manufacturing companies.
  • Convenience of administration.

Client server mode of the system

Client server mode of the system

The software products of the "1C:Enterprise" system contain a variety of means for communicating with other programs, such as:

  • exchange of files (import and export of information via text files, DBF and XML files, saving of printed forms in Microsoft Excel and HTML formats);
  • support for OLE, OLE Automation and DDE;
  • the technology of additional software modules developed by 1C to solve special tasks that require a closer and more effective integration of the system with other programs and equipment.

Standards and protocols of data exchange

Data exchange


REST interface


HTTP services




Automation client/server


Web services


XML documents


External data sources




Operation with binary data


Work with HTTP and  FTP




External component technology


External connection


DBF files




HTML documents


TXT documents


TXT files


Active documents

Main integration strategies

  • To localize the current corporate system
    The head office of a foreign organization generally uses a ERP, EAM or a SCM-system. While localizing such a system, the company undertakes great expenses, and at the same time there arises the necessity of dynamic maintenance of the solution, because RAS (Russian Accounting Standards) are being constantly changed and supplemented.

  • To integrate the corporate system with alternative software
    We consider this option the most advisable one. We offer our clients to use 1C Company’s solutions for report formation according to RAS and corporate standards (IFRS, GAAP, PCG etc.) with further integration with a global system.

Integration of 1C with SAP, Oracle, Axapta, Navision and other corporate systems

What are our advantages?

We understand technical differences between 1C and other systems and we know the ways to overcome any difficulties related to integration. It’s important! We know the methodological difference between the Russian and the international accounting standards. We have experience of working with clients from all over the world. We have not «handicraft» knowledge, but complex expertise in solving this kind of tasks.

Our Clients

Kyocera Orion Corp Unipress
Japan Korea Japan

Mastercard Mitsubishi AGC Pantos Logistics Nanso
Europe Japan Europe Korea Finland

Ecolab Artsana Hankook Containex
USA Italy Korea Austria

Five advantages of integration with 1C

1 Prompt and correct accounting according to RAS 
Frequent changes in Russian legislation require introducing prompt changes to an accounting system, and the software solutions of western vendors require time and financial resources for maintaining the system according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.
2 Reduction of expenses on automation and further maintenance of IT-landscape of a Russian branch 
Usually, localization and further maintenance of the global system in Russia costs more than using 1C solutions.

3 Getting comprehensive information for decision-making  
Efficient and detailed reports, reflecting all the aspects of the company’s activities for management.

4 Possibility to perform parallel accounting according to RAS and IFRS  
Many of 1C Company’s products have the respective module.

5 Various formats for data transmission 
CSV, XLS, TXT, SAP IDoc etc.

How does this work?

While completing projects on integration with 1C, we pursue two main aims:

Выгрузка транзакций в 1С Выгрузка журнала проводок из 1С
Uploading the transactions (purchases, sales tic.) from a corporate system into 1C for formation and filing of the accounting reports according to RAS. Uploading the transactions journal from 1C into the corporate system for filing the accounting reports according to corporate standards.

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Our clients

All clients


The global marketplace for the sale of goods from China. Ranked in the Top 50 most visited sites in the world. The audience in Russia — about 22 million people a month.


The main specialization of the Company is data storage and processing, telecommunication services and cloud solutions

Shopping Live

German teleshopping company. The teleshop has more than 100 000 goods in its assortment and broadcasts a shopping program 24/7


HEINEKEN Russia — is the Russian branch of Heineken N.V. international holding — the leading international brewery company with branch offices in 71 countries.


A French pharmaceutical company, engaged in modern developments in the sphere of treatment of the majority of the widespread diseases.

Keysight Technologies

A major supplier of radio equipment, oscillographs, equipment for general use, solutions for engineering and modelling.


Japanese general trading company. A chain of stores, numbering more than 500 tire centers throughout the world. This chain is an official partner of the world’s largest tire manufacturers.


A global provider of SOHO&SMB networking products and the World’s No.1 provider of WLAN and Broadband CPE devices, with products available in over 120 countries.


Containex-Monolit has been manufacturing containers for more than 30 years. The company has become one of the largest producers in Europe and Russia.


‘’Just in a half a year, we’ve got the first results. The processes, that used to take up to several weeks, take several hours now. I can absolutely say that the project lives up to HEINEKEN Company’s expectations, and the investments were the right thing to do’’.
Alexander Kondrashev,
Project Manager, HEINEKEN Russia
“In the course of the project there has been shown high professionally in solving methodological, IT and management tasks of our Group of companies.”
A. Ryumin,
Deputy Financial Director, “RKS Development”
“Implementation of BIT.FINANCE.IFRS has allowed us to improve accuracy and transparency of financial reports and operations, release the employees of the financial department from manual work. All the necessary functionality was implemented with the minimum amount of modifications, which decreases the costs of owing and maintening the product.”
V. Burmistrov,
Head of Business-Processes Control Group, Shopping Live

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