1C:WMS Logistics. Warehouse management 4

Optimize the warehouse operations

“1С:Enterprise 8. WMS Logistics. Warehouse Management 4” — is a modern WMS system, that can:

  • process a large number of orders;
  • solve complicated problems;
  • automate compound business-processes (operations, that consist of several steps and are performed by different employees with the help of different equipment) and much more.

Main features of “1С:Enterprise 8. WMS Logistics. Warehouse Management 4” system

  • Use of radio terminals — allows the system to work without an operator, that not only increases the accuracy, but also reduces time needed to perform certain operations;
  • Mobile client — is installed on a radio terminal, is connected to the system with the help of web-services and sends there data for its further processing;
  • Accounting of containers — consolidation and monitoring of condition;
  • Acceptance of goods — ability to set up stages of acceptance, confidence regime, cross-docking;
  • Allocation — strategies and automatic planning;
  • Processing — possibility of cluster selection;
  • Internal processes — multi-step displacements, zone replenishments, control;
  • Control over loading and unloading processes;
  • Analytics based on different parameters;
  • Billing — services tariffication and reports;
  • Shipping — planning and consolidation of orders.

Advantages of “1С:Enterprise 8. WMS Logistics. Warehouse Management 4”

“1С:Enterprise 8. WMS Logistics. Warehouse management 4” has the following advantages:

  • Broad functionality — from addressed storage to calculation of employees’ motivation;
  • Automatic work — in 99% of cases the creation and allocation of operations don’t need human involvement;
  • Universality — the system automates the tasks of processing external, outgoing and internal flows of goods in a warehouse;
  • Productivity — is ensured by a modern tree-level architecture of the system;
  • High level of fault-tolerance — is achieved by cluster reservation;
  • Integration — the system can exchange data with “1C:ERP Enterprise management” and “1C:Trade management”;
  • Data security — complies with FSTEC certificate (Federal services for technical and export control);
  • Technological effectiveness — the system is developed in the regime of manageable applications;
  • Efficiency — real-time warehouse management.

We offer the full range of warehouse automation services:

  • Pre-project survey;
  • System adjustment;
  • Installation of equipment;
  • Implementation of the system;
  • Integration with other systems;
  • Testing;
  • Launching.

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Customer Reviews

“Thanks to the implementation of a specialized system, we managed to increase the transparency and reliability of data, simplify accounting and improve the quality of financial management in general. We are satisfied with the functionality and quality of the "BIT.FINANCE Management Accounting" program and look forward to further fruitful cooperation. "
Oleg Vladimirovich Nesmashny
General Director of OOO "Container-Monolit"
“We got acquainted with the system and realized that this is exactly what we need. QlikView allows you to receive information from any accounting systems, can combine and differentiate data, presents them in the form of charts, graphs and ready-made reports, and this is very convenient. "
Mehmet Bodur
Product Director Tommy Hilfiger Europe B.V.
“The expectations from the implementation were fully justified. All the necessary areas of accounting were automated. In addition, we received a tool to automate such processes as cash management, warehouse logistics management, and preparation of the necessary management reporting. "
Victor Markov
General Director of Artsana Rus LLC