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About "1C" Company and 1C:Enterprise Platform

About "1C" Company and 1C:Enterprise Platform

Founded in 1991 1C Company specializes in development, distribution, publishing and support of mass-market software. The company is widely known in Russia and CIS as a developer of 1C:Enterprise — an integrated platform and a series of enterprising software solutions for everyday enterprise activities: various business tasks of economic and management activity, such as resource planning, finance management, accounting, HR management, logistics, CRM, SCM, MRP, MRP, etc.

  • There is a great number of business applications developed on 1C:Enterprise platform. More than 400 solutions for vertical markets have been developed by 1C partners worldwide: for armed forces, transportation, public health, educational institutions, agriculture, public catering, insurance, non-profit organizations, manufacturing, tourism, service industry and many others.
  • One million and a half (1 500 000) companies already use 1C business software solutions.
  • 1C:Franchising network is the widest partnership network in CIS: 5300 partners in 570 cities.

According to CNews Analytics — 1C is third in 2015 rating results of “Largest IT developers in Russia”, and 8th in “Russia’s largest IT companies”.

1C focuses on three mainstream business directions:

Business software

Highly scalable, flexible and powerful business software developed on the platform 1C:Enterprise 8 for automation of everyday routine operations, real-time accounting and providing timely and convenient information for taking business decisions at various management levels. Its business intelligence is used at small, medium companies and business-units of large enterprises in various spheres and branches: manufacturing and trade, service and financial companies, budget organizations, etc. 

List of 1C business software

Educational and multimedia software

1C has a strong line of successful products in educational and multimedia software market. 1C entertainment software is appreciated in the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland and other countries.


1C is the official distributor of such world-famous vendors as Microsoft, Novell, Borland, Symantec, ABBYY, Kaspersky Lab, ProMT, Eset Software and over 100 other software vendors. 1C offers more than 10 000 applications for office and home use.

Functionality of 1C:Enterprise 8 — an integrated platform

1C:Enterprise 8 system consists of two parts: an integrated framework (1C:Enterprise 8 platform) and an application software developed in the framework. 

The platform and an application software together make up a business application that end-users usually interact with. The platform itself is not software for end-users, thought it's always supplied as part of any business application.

Functionality of 1C:Enterprise 8:

  • an advanced, business-oriented and user-friendly GUI
  • business processes management mechanisms
  • enhanced integration capabilities
  • XML-based data exchange
  • embedded programming language
  • reporting engine
  • administration tools and more
Functionality of 1C Enterprise 8 platform

Key benefits of 1C:Enterprise platform:

  • Rapid application development
  • Open code
  • Multilanguage support
  • Cross-platform
  • Stability
  • Web-client and thin client technologies
  • Centralized interface control
  • Localization support
  • Powerful integration capabilities

There are over 30 business applications to streamline processes in such fields as:

  • accounting
  • sales and logistics
  • payroll calculation and HR management
  • manufacturing and financial planning
  • accounting and reporting for private entrepreneurs
  • public sector accounting
  • accounting in non-profit and other organizations

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