Wholesale Automation

How to get ahead of your competitors, increase profit and attract new customers

Wholesale automation makes it possible to:

  • To ensure efficient data exchange between all the subdivisions of a company;
  • To optimize the product assortment and to identify the most and the least profitable items;
  • To increase the warehouse inventory circulation, to eliminate shortages and misgrading of goods, to support large assortment and the necessary supply of goods in the warehouse;
  • To promptly estimate and choose the optimal delivery options taking into account the time and cost of delivery;
  • To accurately calculate the prime cost and flexibly manage the pricing policy, to offer the customers competitive prices, personal discounts and bonuses, avoiding unprofitable sales;
  • To increase the profitability of business due to the optimization of relations with suppliers and concise organization of sales, to work individually with partners, choosing the best conditions for cooperation;
  • To accurately plan purchases and sales with regard to seasonality, the history of sales, the forecast of customer demand and future financial situation;
  • To analyze economic efficiency of various business-processes in real time;
  • To make rational strategic decisions on the basis of the full and relevant information of the activities of the company’s subdivisions.

The results of trade automation

  • The increase in the quality and the speed of customer service,
  • Strict compliance with the conditions and time limits of the delivery of goods to the clients,
  • The rise in the sales profitability,
  • The growth of profit due to the increase in the customers’ loyalty and, accordingly, the increase in the number of new orders,
  • The strengthening of the company’s position in the market.

The specialists of the First BIT’s International Department have the necessary competence and long-standing experience in the field of automation of Russian and International wholesale enterprises.

If you contact us, you can get a free pre-project survey, when we will:

  • Answer all the questions regarding wholesale automation;
  • Analyze and locate the problems in the organization and management of purchasing, sales, warehouse, pricing and other business-processes, affecting the efficiency of your company’s activities;
  • Prepare the recommendations on how to make things better;
  • Choose a suitable software product and trade equipment;
  • Form the optimal implementation plan, assess the time limits and the costs of the project.

Accounting automation in wholesale with the help of QlikView business intelligence

The tasks that QlikView solves for the wholesale trade:

  • the possibility of a structural, hierarchical description of the nomenclature;
  • the calculation of the prime cost of the product, the average daily balance and turnover;
  • the analysis of the sums and structure of checks in retail;
  • the circulation of goods, cash and others.

The automation project based on the specificity of your business

The automation project, completed by our specialists, will take into account the specificity of the business-processes of our company.

  1. We will develop the mock-up model of the IT-system.
  2. We will perform the installation, the implementation and the adaptation of the program.
  3. We will set up the data exchange with the trade equipment and the accounting system used.
  4. We will organize prompt data transfer from other applications.
  5. We will conduct user training.

As a result, you will get an automation system that really works, that will help you to increase the efficiency of the current activities and will ensure a reliable basis for the further growth and development of your organization.

We have implemented hundreds of projects of creating informational systems both in small wholesale companies and in large international holdings with complicated structure and vast distribution net.

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Customer Reviews

“The expectations from the implementation were fully justified. All the necessary areas of accounting were automated. In addition, we received a tool to automate such processes as cash management, warehouse logistics management, and preparation of the necessary management reporting. "
Victor Markov
General Director of Artsana Rus LLC
“Thanks to the implementation of a specialized system, we managed to increase the transparency and reliability of data, simplify accounting and improve the quality of financial management in general. We are satisfied with the functionality and quality of the "BIT.FINANCE Management Accounting" program and look forward to further fruitful cooperation. "
Oleg Vladimirovich Nesmashny
General Director of OOO "Container-Monolit"
"We needed a convenient tool for generating and submitting reports in accordance with PCG and French standards. We wanted to get a unified system that would automate new accounting and transport data to the corporate ERP system. BIT.FINANCE has done an excellent job with the tasks."
Anna Belousova
chief accountant of LLC "Innotek"