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Effective project and finance management system in construction industry

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In automation of a construction company we distinguish two spheres of business management: financial management and resource management.

If we analyze the industry’s condition based on the meetings we’ve had with our clients, we can see, that in practice virtually everybody maintains accounting records based on 1C and there is some kind of a cost estimating program (, Grand-Smeta etc.)

Sometimes a company already uses software products for project management, such as Microsoft Project, much less often Primavera or Spider. Thereare always a lot of various Excel-tables and Microsoft Access reports, formed by experts.

When a company lacks a unified corporate management system, the management has to collect data reports from different data sources. As you understand, in this situation business management can not be accurate and efficient.

And in the case, when the business owners want to know the profitability of the whole company, the project portfolio and manage the company’s value, it’s impossible to promptly and accurately collect such information from diversified systems.

Single IT-console for company management

Our consultants offer to create a single IT-console for company management based on 1C products.


Based on financial management, we implement “BIT.FINANCE:Management accounting” software product. Its competitive advantage is its close connection to contract management and integration with cost estimates.


On the strategic level of management, we deploy an analytical QlikView system. QlikView consolidates data from any data sources in your company.

Any configurations of 1С, Microsoft NAV (Navision), Ax (Axapta), SAP, Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Excel, XML and other sources of information – are not a problem for QlikView platform.

In this system you can create the most complicated diagrams on large data arrays in just a few seconds. By one mouse click you can change the visual representations, add profiles and dimensions.

QlikView в управлении проектами и финансами в строительстве

The tasks solved by QlikView for the construction industry:
  • director’s panel of indicators: key efficiency indicators, KPI, BSC;
  • unified system of operational control of financial currents;
  • formation of financial, regulated, management accounting reports;
  • control over construction processes: time-money-quality, plan-factor analysis.


On the level of resource management we implement “BIT.CONSTRUCTION” software product.

In the resource management of construction processes, apart from the construction schedule, an important task is to synchronize the planning of operational accounting and re-planning of the work of general contractors and subcontractors on all the construction objects, closely connected to:

  • concrete goods factories,
  • other factories belonging to construction industry (concrete, brick factories etc.),
  • managing mechanization,
  • project organizations.

The principal solution is software for automaton of operational accounting of the course of building and installation works on the foremen’s construction sites. The employees of the supply department get a program that ensures planning, control and analysis of how well the construction is provided with materials.

Working with foremen and accountants in a single system, the supply managers substantially increase the efficiency and accuracy of planning and accounting of the circulation of materials between the construction objects.

In the resource planning, our specialists structure the range of software products in the following way:

  • BIT.CONSTRUCTION” is suitable for small and medium construction companies,
  • 1C:Construction organization management” – for medium companies,
  • 1C:ERP Construction organization management 2” – for large and actively developing companies.

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“The expectations from the implementation were fully justified. All the necessary areas of accounting were automated. In addition, we received a tool to automate such processes as cash management, warehouse logistics management, and preparation of the necessary management reporting. "
Victor Markov
General Director of Artsana Rus LLC
“We got acquainted with the system and realized that this is exactly what we need. QlikView allows you to receive information from any accounting systems, can combine and differentiate data, presents them in the form of charts, graphs and ready-made reports, and this is very convenient. "
Mehmet Bodur
Product Director Tommy Hilfiger Europe B.V.
“The installed system meets the requirements of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation. Based on the results of the implementation, we plan to automate all areas of the inpatient department.
Vitaly Kutkova
Head of IT Department, Moscow Research Institute of State Security Helmholtz