Новости компании

28 October 2020
Our project for PwC won the 1C: Project of the Year international corporate automation competition
The project started in April 2019 and completed in January 2020. In the course of the project, 3,000 workplaces were automated using the 1C: Document Management system and LegalPRO: Document Designer for Business.
8 October 2020
Our experts will speak at Infostart Event 2020 Post-Apocalypse
The 10th annual Infostart Event 2020 Post-Apocalypse conference will be held from 5 to 7 November in St. Petersburg. The event is dedicated to the management and automation of accounting on the 1C: Enterprise platform. The specialists of Serebryanaya Bullet and First Bit (Sportivnaya office) will present a new look at well-known solutions. Let's talk about what unique cases will be presented.
1 October 2020
Implementation of "1C: ERP" helped the company "Metavr" to increase profits by 15%
The desire to create a unified information environment at the manufacturing enterprise demanded new solutions from the Metavr company. Implementation of 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2 helped the company to increase profitability and automate business processes.
24 September 2020
Automation of business processes through the implementation of the 1C: ERP system in the "Sandwich Company"
It was important for Butcom to receive reliable data in relation to the accounting of orders, shipments and manufactured products online. It was also necessary to increase the speed of processing orders transmitted by production through the creation of workstations.
22 September 2020
Our project won the international competition for corporate automation "1C: Project of the Year"
For JSC Railway Trading Company, First Bit implemented 1C: ZUP CORP in a short time throughout Russia to automate personnel records and payroll accounting, which allowed the customer to switch to a single system without prompt changes in existing business processes and further improvements.
7 September 2020
Perviy Bit introduces a new 1C: ERP management system in the Ural poultry complex
First Bit completed a project at PC Ural, 100 workstations were automated. The company needed to collect all the processes in a single information link. A comprehensive system is needed that will allow you to close tasks taking into account industry specifics. The company's needs are taken into account in the 1C: ERP. Management of a poultry enterprise 2 ", which includes the functionality of managing incubation, raising young stock and processing poultry.