25 February 2021
With your company’s growth you will definitely face the accounting challenge
Everything should be properly accounted: tangible and intangible assets, stock balance, payables and receivables, cash flow. The larger the company, the harder the accounting. There is 1C company in the business software market which is widely spread worldwide, where owners and top managers provide favorable feedback about their experience in managing a company with a high degree of automation. Recently 1C company entered the market with its brand new 1C:Drive ERP solution.
11 February 2019
Integration of 1C with other corporate systems
Many foreign companies have a representative office in Russia. However, Russian laws are not only different from the requirements of Western legislation, but are constantly changing; including in the field of accounting, organization of IT infrastructure, data storage of Russian users. In order to successfully and legally work on the territory of our country, foreign companies must bring their processes to the requirements of Russian legislation.
7 March 2017
Five Keys to Successful Entry and Expansion into the Russian Market
As a partner of choice for many global companies including the Eastern-based customers we collect the most critical components of successful expansion into the Russian market. Thanks to our experience and accumulated expertise of successful projects we are pleased to offer you our affordable and cost-effective software and services tailored to the specific needs of an Eastern company creating a competitive presence at the Russian market. Read more to learn other good reasons to choose First BIT as an IT partner for your business in Russia.
7 March 2017
About "1C" Company and 1C:Enterprise Platform
Founded in 1991 1C Company specializes in development, distribution, publishing and support of mass-market software. The company is widely known in Russia and CIS as a developer of 1C:Enterprise — an integrated platform and a series of enterprising software solutions for everyday enterprise activities: various business tasks of economic and management activity.