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An alternative to the market leaders

The realization of 1С:ERP Enterprise Management 2 was designed by 1C Company as ‘our alternative’ to the leaders of corporate products market, like SAP, Axapta etc.

Since the launch of the demo-version at the end of 2012 the product has already made a good showing in a range of pilot implementations at enterprises with hundreds of workplaces.

1C project team created 1C:ERP 2 in close collaboration with an expert council represented by the specialists of the leading partner companies and the heads of the profile departments of large manufacturing enterprises.

Solving business-tasks with the help of 1C:ERP 2

Monitoring and analysis of indicators

  • Models of targets and target indicators
  • Monitoring of target indicators with interpretation of the source data
  • Analysis of the financial results with various degrees of detail
  • Variety of graphic forms, report visualization for analysis
  • Access to the indicators from a mobile device (tablet, smartphone)

Financial management and IFRS

  • Credits, deposits and loans accounting
  • Acquiring (payment cards)
  • Formation of payment calendar
  • Management of coordination routes for requests for expenditures
  • Reports on cash flow analysis
  • Templates of accounting transactions
  • Accounting of non-financial indicators
  • Generator of reports with financial indicators
  • There is represented an adjusted methodical model: chart of accounts, templates of transactions, IFRS financial reports

Regulated accounting

  • Adjustment of mode of display of business operations for financial accounting groups
  • Accounting of business activities facts by deferred realization with control of relevance of display
  • Settlements with separate subdivisions of the company(79th account)
  • Automated support of “complex” VAT without additional adjustments
  • Deciphering of tax return for income tax and regulated accounting

Sales management

  • Sales funnel
  • Price-lists with information on inventory
  • Application of regulated sales processes, business-processes of complex sales management
  • Client orders management subject to standard and individual sales rules, agreements
  • Organization of clients’ self-service
  • Management of trade representatives
  • Monitoring the condition of the sales processes
  • Probabilistic estimate of sales forecast
  • Automatic control of liabilities limit etc.

Customer relationship management

  • Formation of strategies for partners relations and clients relations
  • Business-processes of organization of client relations
  • Formation of a client’s file
  • Organization of loyalty cards and analysis
  • Organization of complaints and claims processing
  • Monitoring of transactions
  • BCG-analysis
  • Analysis of the indicators of the managers’ work with different analytics

Cost management and calculation of the production cost

  • Classification of the resources that may be used in production
  • A full-fledged cost management system
  • Separate cost accounting and allocation of costs to different activities
  • Separate cost accounting by orders
  • Representation of production cost structure for an output of goods prior to the primary expenditures
  • Efficient quantity resource accounting for unfinished production, including the accounting at the end of the accounting period
  • Variety of methods of costs allocation for production costs of the manufactured goods and delivered services, for the manufacturing costs, spheres of activities, for the future expences
  • Calculation, analysis of the factual production cost for an output of goods within a certain period

Supply management

  • Complex supply management: from a request to delivery to a warehouse
  • Supply planning on the basis of sales plans, manufacturing plans and the clients’ orders not fulfilled
  • Ordering from suppliers, control over the orders delivery
  • Monitoring of the fulfillment of the terms and conditions of delivery
  • Straight-through analysis with the relations between the clients’ orders and orders to suppliers
  • Analysis and selection of suppliers based on prices and terms
  • Analysis of the full cost of acquiring inventory
  • Control and analysis of meeting the stock-list demands


  • Input of budgets with enhanced analytics represented in tables
  • Creation and modeling of scenarios
  • Management of budgeting process
  • Economic forecast of financial indicators
  • Analysis of target and goals achievement
  • Enhanced financial analysis and compilation of all the budgets indicators

HR management

  • Planning the need for personnel and recruitment
  • Evaluation and management of the employees’ motivation
  • A complex for organizing personnel documentation: recruitment, vacation, sick leaves, discharges etc.
  • Salary calculation according to the employees’ performance
  • A complex for calculating salary of employees with different motivation schemes

Production management

  • Visual presentation of the product’s structure
  • Description of manufacturing processes of production of different goods (resource specifications)
  • Formation of process charts
  • 2 levels of a production plan formation: main and local dispatcher
  • Operational, interval and “Drum — Buffer — Rope” scheduling
  • Planning of “narrow” production areas
  • Decreasing the dependence of the planning’s quality on the accuracy of the normative data
  • Management of the priorities of the fulfillment of orders for production (VIP orders)
  • Evaluation of the availability of the equipment and material resources within the interval
  • Accounting of time needed for transportation of inventory and in-process queue
  • Forecasting the whole production process
  • Dispatcherisation of production on inter-workshop and intra-workshop levels
  • Enhanced accounting of the employees’ performance

Organization of maintenance

  • A unified system for ensuring the resource requirements for maintenance and production activities
  • Possibility to connect the maintenance objects with production working centers
  • Organization of equipment maintenance, including maintenance affecting its availability during the production planning
  • Registration of defects in the journal for further analysis and organization of regular and off-schedule equipment maintenance
  • Monitoring of the condition of objects of exploitation
  • Formation of the total cost of owning the objects of exploitation

Warehouse and supply management

  • Management of a complex hierarchical warehouse structure
  • Point-of-use storage of goods — cellular warehouse
  • Separate accounting for orders — reservation of demands
  • Mobile workplaces for the warehouse personnel
  • Accounting of reusable package
  • Inventory of goods and products
  • Statistical inventory accounting, storage of results of ABC/XYZ analysis
  • Calculation of forecast demand
  • Accounting, analysis and control over the inventory in the warehouse according to their shelf lives
  • Delivery management
  • Goods calendar

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Trilateral expert experience

Trilateral expert experience (of developers, implementators and end users) and creation of the configuration base on all the strengths of the enterprise management systems have allowed to embody in 1C:ERP 2 product the idea of rational and well thought-out investments in business IT-support.

The complex solution, meeting the high demands for the modern ERP-systems, has been “assembled” into a balanced construction consisting of important functional elements of Trade management 11, Salary and personnel management 3.0 and Enterprise accounting 3.0.

Therefore, the developers have taken into account all the rich and successful experience of using 1C systems (that are the most popular and the most frequently implemented in Russia and CIS) in this innovative product for medium and large manufacturing business.

Undoubtedly, 1C:ERP 2 is not just a modification of the previous version of 1C Enterprise Management – ERP 1.3. This is a qualitatively new, absolutely independent and highly effective product.

The system’s functionality is totally adjusted to the needs of enterprises in every business sphere including those with complex manufacturing cycle.

Seven advantages of 1C:ERP 2

  1. Flexibility and productivity of the platform, the ability to manage it from mobile devices, using cloud technologies
  2. Manageable forms as innovative mechanism for creation of target reports and analytics
  3. Innovative functionality for managing production, processes, assets and resources of an enterprise
  4. The full range of capabilities of modern ERP-systems and all the advantages of 1C: Enterprise 8.3. platform
  5. Enhanced functionality in the following blocks: finances, KPI, supply management, HR
  6. Variety of specialized solutions, enhancing the capabilities of the system on a single platform (PDM, MES, EAM, PMO, ITIL, CRM, MDM, WMS, TMS,BSC, ECM, CPM etc.)
  7. Ideal conformance of the system to the needs of manufacturing enterprises, high economic effectiveness and easy scaling in case of the increase in production.
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The global marketplace for the sale of goods from China. Ranked in the Top 50 most visited sites in the world. The audience in Russia — about 22 million people a month.


The main specialization of the Company is data storage and processing, telecommunication services and cloud solutions

Shopping Live

German teleshopping company. The teleshop has more than 100 000 goods in its assortment and broadcasts a shopping program 24/7


HEINEKEN Russia — is the Russian branch of Heineken N.V. international holding — the leading international brewery company with branch offices in 71 countries.


A French pharmaceutical company, engaged in modern developments in the sphere of treatment of the majority of the widespread diseases.

Keysight Technologies

A major supplier of radio equipment, oscillographs, equipment for general use, solutions for engineering and modelling.


Japanese general trading company. A chain of stores, numbering more than 500 tire centers throughout the world. This chain is an official partner of the world’s largest tire manufacturers.


A global provider of SOHO&SMB networking products and the World’s No.1 provider of WLAN and Broadband CPE devices, with products available in over 120 countries.


Containex-Monolit has been manufacturing containers for more than 30 years. The company has become one of the largest producers in Europe and Russia.


‘’Just in a half a year, we’ve got the first results. The processes, that used to take up to several weeks, take several hours now. I can absolutely say that the project lives up to HEINEKEN Company’s expectations, and the investments were the right thing to do’’.
Alexander Kondrashev,
Project Manager, HEINEKEN Russia
“In the course of the project there has been shown high professionally in solving methodological, IT and management tasks of our Group of companies.”
A. Ryumin,
Deputy Financial Director, “RKS Development”
“Implementation of BIT.FINANCE.IFRS has allowed us to improve accuracy and transparency of financial reports and operations, release the employees of the financial department from manual work. All the necessary functionality was implemented with the minimum amount of modifications, which decreases the costs of owing and maintening the product.”
V. Burmistrov,
Head of Business-Processes Control Group, Shopping Live

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