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“First BIT” has helped AliExpress to comply with the federal state law № 54

13 November 2017
“First BIT” has helped AliExpress to comply with the federal state law № 54

The specialists of the International Department of First BIT Company have completed a project pertaining to the Russian Federal law № 54 for one on the largest foreign players on the e-commerce market. The methodology, allowing AliExpress to operate in Russia without infringing the new Russian trade legislature, was developed and realized within several months.

All the companies operating in the field of Internet commerce in Russia had to introduce certain changes to their working process due to the enactment of the federal state law № 54. The developments affected the foreign enterprises as well, including such a huge company, as AliExpress.

The consultants of the International Department of First BIT Company, who already have solid experience in integration, a lot of completed automation projects for trade enterprises and who had worked with large international companies on multiple occasions, took on this ambitious project.

“We had to become the first in the field of bringing the activities of a large foreign online-business in compliance with the federal state law № 54. We didn’t get scared by the difficulties related to the constantly changing formats of fiscal documents, strict time limits, English-speaking team of our Client. In our work we were motivated by our ambitions, as at the moment there were no any such large-scaled projects in this sphere” – comments Olga Kopeyka, Project manager, First BIT.

During the pre-project survey the specialists set two primary goals:

  1. To complete a pilot project, that was first of all aimed at examining an ERP-system used by AliExpress, the specifics of its integration with the equipment and other systems of trade automation.
  2. To develop the IT-architecture of the final system, the working methodology complying with the federal state law № 54 and the capabilities of the Chinese ERP-system.

“Within the pilot project we had to find out, how the fiscalization of the sales would be performed. We considered a variety of options, including the creation of the company’s own data processing center, but a new “ATOL Online” service entered the market, which was the best choice for AliExpress. The ability to operate in full compliance with the law № 54 without the need to buy new equipment and the 24/7 automatic sales became the main factors that convinced us to choose the ATOL service” – notes Olga Kopeyka.

As a result of the project a new methodology was realized, which allowed:

  • to collect data from the Chinese ERP-system;
  • to process it and enter it into “1C: Retail”;
  • to transfer information into “ATOL Online”, to control this process;
  • to forward data on the status of the exchanges back to the Chinese ERP-system.

Now “1C: Retail”, integrated with the Chinese ERP-system, in AliExpress processes all the current of checks related to sales on behalf of the Russian legal entity. Cash documents are forwarded to “ATOL Online”, where they are distributed to FDO and later to the Federal Tax Service.

This allows AliExpress to comply with the current Russian trade legislation and conduct business legally on the territory of the country, providing Russian customers with a wide assortment of goods at favorable prices.

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