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Document Management Automation

Automation of document management business processes in a company

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Informational currents are the nervous system of an organization. Information is no less important than tangible assets. The activities of any company depend on the speed, the quality and the expedience of information.

The existence of an electronic system of document management is as necessary as the automation of tax or financial accounting.


Document management automation means:

  • Stability of routine operations
  • Harmonization and adjustment of procedures
  • Consistency of the activities of various departments
  • Reduction of the effects of the human factors
  • Elimination of data losses

  • Control of access to data
  • A tool for high-quality process control
  • Ability of a quick document search even with scan-copies only

Examples of document management automation

Business trips accounting
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  Printing envelopes
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  Visualization of the company’s organizational structure
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  Using QR-code in the documents
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Archive storage of primary accounting documents
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  Contractor check
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  Project work
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Business trips accounting


Automation of the set of processes related to business trips accounting allows to:


  • Automate planning and accounting processes related to business trips
  • Maintain consolidated business trips accounting for all the employees of the company, including its offices and separately located departments
  • Manage business trips in compliance with the current legislation
  • Get preliminary evaluations of the business trip budget and make decisions on whether such a business trip is necessary
  • Reduce the time spent on execution and negotiation of documents
  • Integrate with the accounting systems of the organization (accounting and payroll)
  • Quick access to the information on all the business trips

  • Automatically form documents based on business trip requests:
    • Business trip order
    • Order on cancellation of a business trip
    • Order on an early termination of a business trip
    • Order on the prolongation of a business trip
    • Order on postponing of a business trip
  • Perform accounting in Advance reports on business trip expenses in foreign currency with regard to currency rate fluctuations
  • Form a Business Trips Journal and other analytical reports

Business trips accounting

Printing envelopes


You can forward all the official correspondence to your contractors and correspondents electronically, signed with an Electronic Digital Signature, in “1C: Document management” through the External documentation Server, or send hard copies by post.

For these aims you need to pack a hard copy into an envelope. But for the letter to reach the addressee the envelope has to include accurate and legible names and addresses of the addressee and the sender.

To speed up the posting process there is a “Envelope printing” program.


The addresses may be printed on the envelope from the document’s card. It will be printed rapidly, accurately and legibly.
The program will not forget to check the postal index, as the address will be taken from the directory.
The program will form a register of outcoming correspondence.
All you need to do is to put the document into the envelope and send it by mail.

Printing envelopes

Visualization of the company’s organizational structure


Automatic formation of the company’s organizational structure tree based on the “Company structure” directory.

  • Visualization of all the organizational levels
  • Actualization of the list of the heads of the departments and the organizational hierarchy
  • Illustrative representation of the structure with the efficient calculation of the number of employees in these departments
  • Possibility to itemize the headcount of the departments

The company’s organizational structure

Using QR-code in the documents


Using QR-code on the printed document forms allows to replace standard negotiation list and will be an indicator of the final version of the document.

In case of electronic negotiation the negotiation list with all the versions of negotiation and the remarks are stored in electronic format in the document management system.

You don’t have to print it, and you can just cipher the information contained into the negotiation list into a QR-code and print it on the second copy of the contract.

Using QR-code in the documents

By using a mobile device, the manager while signing the original hard version of the contract may find all the data from the negotiation list by using the QR-code (information on who and when negotiated the document and with which remarks).

You will also have the QR-code as a symbol for the confirmation/signing of the original document by the manager into the card of this document into “1C: Document management”.


Archive storage of primary accounting documents


Hard copies of primary accounting documents are signed by a “live” signature confirmed by a blue seal of the organization as on behalf of the Contractor and on behalf of the Client.

Exercising control over the return, the storage of such documents and their quick search are relevant, especially while preparing for the tax inspections and arbitral courts.

This solution allows to:

  • organize an electronic archive of primary accounting documents,
  • ensure quick access to the scans of the hard copies of the original documents straight from the accounting system.

At the same time, the scan-copy will be stored into “1C: Document management” as is its self-consistent element, for example, being able to take part into the negotiation, confirmation, registration processes.

Full-text search, control over the delivery of the original document, connection with the case nomenclature are available.

There is organized a stream scanning with detection of return financial documents for the contracts: TORG-12, VAT invoices, Appendix №4, order and automatic addition of the scan-copies to the contract’s card.

Stream scanning of the incoming financial documents from the contractors: TORG-12, VAT invoice from a contractor, automatic creation of a document’s card into the workflow with an attached scan-copy, forwarding the incoming financial documents to the accounting department for procession, using the exchange plans.

A “Goods and services realization” document is formed into “1C” system. The module automatically creates the respective document card into “1C: Document management”, filling in the correspondent’s information, the document type, the folder, the executor, the department, the number, date and the name of the document. The printed form of the “Goods and services realization” document is formed with a barcode. After the return of the signed originals of the primary financial documents from the contractors all of them are put on scanner and scanned with the help the stream scanning function into the respective folder. “1C: Document management” by a regulated task processes this folder and adds the scan-copies to the document card by its barcode.

It is possible to enhance the functionality according to the individual requirements of the Client.


Contractor check


The main task in working with “1C: Document management” is keeping a directory of the contractors, the relevance of their company information and also the information, which at the time of the conclusion of a contract serves as the basis of making conclusions about the contractor’s reliability, the scale and the financial indicators of his business.

The majority of this information can be gathered in the program itself using the contractor’s folder function, included into “1C: Contactor” service. Al the information about the organization is gathered from the open sources and doesn’t infringe its rights.

Additional check of the contactors is conducted by the Security service. As a result of such a check the contractors may be added to the following folders:

  • “Recommended”
  • “Unchecked”,
  • “Problem”,
  • “Unreliable”.

The note on the results of the check is left into the contractor’s folder.


Project work


Working on the project using “1C: Document management” allows to:

  • Ensure the compliance with the project management procedures
  • Set up the communication between the participants for the whole length of the project
  • Form all the tasks and processes into the Electronic Document Management system
  • Control the timely performance, the adjustment of time limits of the project stages, plan-fact analysis by duration and labor resources
  • Determine the control points of the project and eliminate the project risks
  • Consolidate all the project documents into one place and track all the communications and minutes of meetings on the project

“Control points” mechanism — a tool for controlling the project plan

Control points may be used both with the project plan as a structural work decomposition as well as instead of it.

The control levels are used to control projects with different levels of detalization and may be, for example, as follows:

  • strategic,
  • tactical,
  • operative.

Control points management is based onto the weekly evaluation of the possibility of the successful achievement of a certain control point within the planned time limit. The evaluation is performed by a person responsible for each control point.

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“Implementation of BIT.FINANCE.IFRS has allowed us to improve accuracy and transparency of financial reports and operations, release the employees of the financial department from manual work. All the necessary functionality was implemented with the minimum amount of modifications, which decreases the costs of owing and maintening the product.”
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